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Corsbook™ is an integrated platform for the online composition, organization and e-publishing of content. It can be used to develop materials for courses, books and websites. It can be used as a platform for sharing of content among  intellectual communities.

Row of international law books on shelf

Photo credit: U.S. Library of Congress

The Corsbook platform allows authors to easily create online courses, textbooks and lessons that can be published on the web or into a PDF e-book that can be read offline. Corsbook also allows authors to efficiently collaborate with colleagues across the world on such works. Corsbook is gradually evolving to add even more collaboration features.


For individual authors and small organizations, Corsbook’s educational package is simple to use, but still provides key features, including:

  • Enhanced editing interface
  • Content navigation menu to bring together content
  • Course content organization scheme and tools
  • Support for numerous forms of media
  • Easy integration with mathematics formatting and quiz plugins

Further Information

Corsbook is presently a proprietary platform being utilized and tested for a limited set of users.

Content is copyright the author. Layout is copyright Corsbook. See Corsbook.com for further notices.