Big Sustainability

Timed Solutions


First published on January 27, 2019

Many sustainability solutions are proposed without making a reference to time, or make absurd statements about timing without considering the consequences. In Big Sustainability, Time is of the Essence. Time matters!


Most of us have relatively global few resources or power. Those who do are often subject to constraints that effectively hinder their ability to create big sustainability solutions. Hence the strategy is to create a seed for a solution. The seed will contain elements that will initiate and allow for exponential growth while achieving the original goals (in a flexible, dynamic manner). The magnitude of the result will be timed to match or overcome the constraints of an issue at that future point of time.


The longer the target point of time in the future, the more time there is for the seed to grow, and a lower growth rate will be required.


The longer the target point of time in the future, the greater the uncertainties and time for opponents (or nature) to develop counter-strategies.


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